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Vestido is a special, niche, fashion online shopping website mainly for Israel and other countries and regions. We want to discover more fashion essentials with more like-minded customers and friends.


Rather than selling the similar products with little features, we would like to recommend something special and good quality to you. Vestido wants each of our clients to find their own style here. It would be our great honor if we could be a prominent presence on your wish-to-buy list. And it's going to be a continuous, huge driving force for us to move forward. In this way, we are more like a private custom website, do you think so too? Waiting quietly for several days, you will receive the package we sent for you. We hope you can open it carefully, and then maybe you will find unexpected little surprises inside!


Good things are worth waiting for. Maybe the time of waiting will make you anxious, uneasy, and even kill your expectations, but this emotion should be handed over to us, not yours. As long as you are patient, the moment you receive the package, all the bad emotions will dissipate, and you will be filled with joy instead.


It might be a bit like walking through a forest looking for a buried spring. You need to relax and listen carefully, and then you will hear the gurgling sound of running water, push aside the piles of fallen leaves, and a bright, gentle spring will appear in front of you.


Vestido wants to bring this comfort to our customers, which, after all, is something that most online shopping sites don't have. We know it will be difficult to get there, but we haven't given up yet. Step by step, we will work hand in hand with you to become better and better. Lastly, please know that we thank and cherish you all.

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